Server & Storage

You need to select the right server to store your data and systems. This will help you to get the maximum performance out of it to cater to the business needs. On top of that, you can ensure data security and business continuity as well.

If you have little technical knowledge, finding the right server that matches your business needs can be a challenging one. This is where Teknolog Technology can help. We will evaluate your business and assist you with finding the right server model to complement your business. Then you just need to go ahead with it and experience the benefits that you can receive.

Server Solutions

We offer comprehensive server solutions

The servers used by your business would run all your applications. Hence, you need to make sure that your servers are reliable, and they assist you with getting work done as per your expectations. This is where our server and storage solutions can help.

We will not just help you to find the right server, but we will also manage it. In other words, we will optimize your server to ensure 100% availability and performance. Along with that, we will help you to ensure proper storage of data on the servers, without data redundancy.

We will make appropriate changes to the servers on time to make sure that they deliver a trouble-free operation to you at all times. Our cybersecurity specialists will take control of the security of your servers as well. if there are any security gaps or vulnerabilities, we will fix them immediately.

We also work with some of the leading server manufacturers and server management software developers. Hence, we are capable of getting the right solutions to help your business.

Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage Solutions

Your business owns lots of data, and you are looking for the best way to manage it. This is where you may take a look at the data storage solutions we offer. We provide a variety of data storage solutions, and you just need to pick the best one out of them. Our team will also be providing guidance to you so that you can end up finding the right data storage solution as per the needs of your business. Here are the data storage solutions that you can get from us:

-          Directed Attached Storage (DAS)

Directed Attached Storage is where the storage medium is directly attached to the device. A local disk is a perfect example of a DAS.

-          Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage is the most popular storage solution. This is where the storage device is connected to the network. You will have to access it via the network as well. You have the freedom to expand the storage space of NAS depending on your needs. NAS offers a more secure way to store data as their operating system is not stored on the client-side.

-          Storage Area Network (SAN)

If you are looking for a high-speed storage solution, you may go ahead with Storage Area Network. You can access it via LAN or WAN. Anyone on the network can access SAN.

If you aren’t clear on what the best storage solution out of these for your business is, just connect with Teknolog Technology. We will understand your business needs and help you to find the right solution.