IT Asset Management

Your business owns a large number of IT assets. If you don’t manage y our IT assets correctly, you will simply be wasting your money. On the other hand, failure to manage IT assets in the right way can lead you to security risks as well. That’s where we can help you.

IT Asset Management

Teknolog Technologies specializes in offering a variety of IT asset management solutions to businesses in need. Our asset management solutions can cover all sorts of IT assets you own, including enterprise software, network devices, servers, operating systems, desktop computers, and corporate mobile devices.

How can we help you with IT asset management?

We follow multiple strategies to help you with IT asset management. In the long run, we make sure that all your IT assets are managed in the right way, and you will never run into any problems with it. Here are some of the procedures that we follow with IT asset management.

  • Asset lifecycle update

We will manage the complete lifecycle of your assets and keep track of them.

  • Hardware normalization

We will standardize your IT assets, based on the manufacturer, model number, and model name.

  • Asset reservation

If you want to reserve IT assets temporarily to cater to future demands, we are ready to help.

  • Asset onboarding

We go through the correct procurement processes for asset onboarding.

  • HR asset onboarding

Procure, configure and deploy hardware and software as part of employee onboarding.

  • Mobile acceptance of assets

Accept multiple assets from one order from a mobile device.